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HMHS Beautification Project Guided to Success by Alumni Groups

The HMHS Campus is undergoing quite a transformation and much of that transformation can be attributed to the hard work and generosity of our alumni, community members and local business.  On campus three major projects are near completion, the entry gardens on Kings Highway, the main courtyard and the stadium courtyard.  A fourth project, the Sarah Tarditi Gallagher Garden is currently out for bid with construction scheduled for completion by late spring.


Superintendent Chuck Klaus in his recent newsletter commented on the Stadium Courtyard project.   Mr. Klaus said, “With the help of the Haddonfield Educational Trust, the area behind the stadium has been upgraded. What was once an expanse of blacktop is now a showpiece for spectators to experience at school events.”  This space is highlighted by the beautifully rendered Haddonfield Bulldog tile installation, and the Legacy Walk which honors HMHS Hall of Famers, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients, alumni, coaches and community members. The Haddonfield Alumni Society through the Annual Pig Roast was chiefly responsible for making the gifts that provided the pavers for the Lifetime Achievement recipients and Hall of Fame honorees. 

HMHS “curb appeal” has been enhanced significantly by the renovation and replanting of the garden beds at the front entry to the high school.  With direction from landscape architect, Lynn Raus, volunteers have been planting the new material and maintaining the beds throughout the summer heat.  Ms. Raus, parent of a current HMHS student, donated her time and her designs for all three areas being renovated.  In the main courtyard, all the garden beds have been replanted and four brick sitting walls have been constructed that match the two sitting walls at the entrance to the courtyard. The newly renovated courtyard played a feature role in the virtual graduation held in June.  Graduates received their diplomas and walked through the courtyard.

The final phase of our project, the Sarah Tarditi Gallagher Garden is being incorporated into a larger renovation of the largely unused space between the A and C buildings.  The Board of Education, seeking opportunities to better utilize campus space is creating an area that will serve multiple uses.  One area will serve as an outdoor classroom with stadium seating, a second garden space will have multiple uses including outdoor study and seating and a third area will function to support the overflow from lunch.  The Haddonfield Educational Trust has pledged uo to $50,000 in proceeds from their 2018 and 2019 Golf Tournament.  The HET Board is deeply grateful to all those who have supported the golf tournament over the past two years including local businesses, community members and alumni/ae. 

If you are interested in making a gift to purchase a brick for the Legacy Walk, you can still do so. Benches and small garden areas may also be donated for the Tarditi Garden.  You can use the link below or call Dr. Joseph Serico at 609-314-1958.

2020-07-29 Courtyard Design_SD-1 (9).png
Stadium Courtyard 2.png


to fundraise for, build and furnish outdoor community gardens at Haddonfield Memorial High School in 2019-2020.

We invite you to join our efforts to fundraise for, build and furnish outdoor community gardens at Haddonfield Memorial High School in 2019. Our effort begins today, with you. Together, we can create beautiful spaces that will be a source of pride for students, parents, faculty and visitors. Four areas have been identified for beautification, sponsorship and naming rights:

1. HMHS MAIN COURTYARD: This focal point of school life will be refurbished with new plantings, four brick seating walls, major and minor gardens, bluestone pavers. Sponsorships are available including dedication rights to this space.

2. STADIUM COURTYARD/LEGACY WALK: The second improvement area is a new outdoor garden and patio adjacent to the stadium, above Sylvan Lake Avenue (fig. 2). One of the highlights of the space is the creation of a Legacy Walk honoring past and current alums and their families. Track alumni have pledged to raise $100,000 to dedicate this space to Coaches Nick and Maureen Baker.

3. HMHS STUDY GARDEN: will be built in the previously unused outdoor space between the A and C buildings (fig. 3).  The Haddonfield Educational Trust is raising $50,000 to dedicate this space to Sarah Tarditi Gallagher ‘94

4. HMHS CAFETERIA COURTYARD: This recently completed space  between the A and B wings now serves as a covered, outdoor expansion to the cafeteria, available to students, faculty and visitors year-round.  Several mini gardens are available for dedication and sponsorship in this space.



MAKE A DONATION! Become part of our Legacy Walk. Celebrate a championship. Memorialize a family member or classmate. Honor a teacher or coach. Proclaim your commencement year.  While a variety of paver donations are available on the Legacy Walk, additional gifts can be made to sponsor trees, benches, seating walls, and more for each project

SPREAD THE WORD! We need community ambassadors. Do you belong to a local club or organization that would sponsor a section of the project?

JOIN OUR EFFORT! Are you passionate about uniting the community through productive projects? We are seeking committee members.

Please make checks payable to:

Haddonfield Educational Trust & note:

HMHS Beautification Project;

PO Box 178, Haddonfield NJ 08033

Or Purchase Online:

HMHS Beautification Committee


PO BOX 1 78



Joe Serico/President  •  Brian Ward/Vice President  •  Larissa Willison/Treasurer  •  Maureen Eyles/Secretary and BOE Liaison



Liz Barrett  •  Robert Berman  •  Charles Chelotti  •  Joanne Connor  •  Joe DeShayes  •  Gwynn DiPilla  •  Lynn Green  •  Jaime Grookett  •  Pam Jones-Garstkiewicz  •  Lori Kadar  •  Chuck Klaus  •  Dan Kubikian  •  MaryClare Malady  •  Steve Platt  •  Lynn Raus  •  Matt Ritter  •  Adam Sangillo  •  Cathy Smith  •  Deb Troiani

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