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Tatem Playground
Senior Night
Tatem Playground
2016 Teacher Grant



Preserving Black Haddonfield History Project (2023)


Since its inception last year, PBHHP has fostered meaningful connections among Haddonfield Memorial High School alumni, educators, students, and residents both past and present. The PBHHP aims to strengthen Haddonfield’s reputation as a welcoming town by amplifying and preserving its long overlooked African-American residents, their descendants, businesses, and other institutions. Currently, PBHHP is advancing their work by meeting a challenge grant provided by The Haddonfield Foundation. These funds and the matching grant will underwrite the implementation of a Walking Tour and Historical Marker Program in Haddonfield.

HMHS Auditorium Improvement Fund (2021-2023)

Last updated in 1988, the HMHS Auditorium needs our help. The HET is doing our best to support fundraising for the $4.2 million improvement project. Our current fundraising totals, from private donations and events, have totaled $350,000. The HET and Haddonfield School District will direct these funds towards a significant technology improvement in the auditorium to serve students in their artistic and technical educational paths.


Haddonfield Memorial High School Scholarship Fund

The Haddonfield Educational Trust oversees the Haddonfield Memorial High School Scholarship Fund and manages an endowment of $2.3 million and annually awards over $100,000 in gifts and scholarships to graduating seniors at the Haddonfield Memorial High School.  Nearly all of these scholarships have been funded by generous alumni and community members. 

Teacher Innovation Grants 

The Haddonfield Educational Trust has committed to supporting the work of teachers and students through the Teacher Innovation Grant program.  The program invites faculty throughout the district to apply for grants that allow teachers to explore creative avenues to deliver curriculum, improve their instructional strategies or enrich the educational opportunities for their students.


HMHS Beautification Fund (2018-2021)

The HMHS Campus is transformed, and much of that transformation can be attributed to the hard work and generosity of our alumni, community members and local business.  On campus four major projects were completed: the entry gardens on Kings Highway, the main courtyard, the stadium courtyard/Baker Track, and the Sarah Tarditi Gallagher Garden.


Superintendent Chuck Klaus in his recent newsletter commented on the Stadium Courtyard project.   Mr. Klaus said, “With the help of the Haddonfield Educational Trust, the area behind the stadium has been upgraded. What was once an expanse of blacktop is now a showpiece for spectators to experience at school events.”  This space is highlighted by the beautifully rendered Haddonfield Bulldog tile installation, and the Legacy Walk which honors HMHS Hall of Famers, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients, alumni, coaches and community members. The Haddonfield Alumni Society through the Annual Pig Roast was chiefly responsible for making the gifts that provided the pavers for the Lifetime Achievement recipients and Hall of Fame honorees. 

HMHS “curb appeal” has been enhanced significantly by the renovation and replanting of the garden beds at the front entry to the high school.  With direction from landscape architect, Lynn Raus, volunteers planted the new material and maintained the beds throughout the summer heat.  Ms. Raus, parent of a current HMHS student, donated her time and her designs for all three areas being renovated.  In the main courtyard, all the garden beds have been replanted and four brick sitting walls have been constructed that match the two sitting walls at the entrance to the courtyard. 

The final phase of our project, the Sarah Tarditi Gallagher Garden was incorporated into a larger renovation of the largely unused space between the A and C buildings.  The Board of Education, seeking opportunities to better utilize campus space, created a secure area that will serve multiple uses.  One area will serve as an outdoor classroom with stadium seating, a second garden space will have multiple uses including outdoor study and seating and a third area will function to support the overflow from lunch. 


The HET Board is deeply grateful to all those who have supported the golf tournament over the past two years including local businesses, community members and alumni/ae.

Tatem School Playground (2017)

The trust played a significant role in this project by dedicating the funds raised by the annual golf tournament and serving as the 501c3 to whom the community could make their donations to support the project.

Central School Playground (2015-16)

The Central School playground was completed in 2016. The trust played a significant role in the project by dedicating the funds raised by the annual golf tournament and serving as the 501c3 to whom the community could make their donations to support the project.

Haddonfield Middle School Odyssey of the Mind Team (2016)

The HET supported the Haddonfield Middle School Odyssey of the Mind “Aesop Gone Viral” team, coached by HMS teacher Lori Rue.  The team attended the four-day Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Competition at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa over the Memorial Day weekend. Having won their Regional Tournament and tied for second place in the New Jersey State Tournament, the team qualified to compete at the 37th annual Odyssey of the Mind World Finals among 800 top teams from around the country and the globe.

HMHS Winterguard Team

HET provided financial support to the Haddonfield Memorial High School Winterguard program so that the program could participate in competition inAtlantic City and buy needed uniforms and materials.

Lights, Camera, Action

In December 2011, Janice W. Hunt and past co-chair Deanna Burney presented a $70,000 check to the Haddonfield Board of Education. This was the culmination of the “HMHS Lights, Camera, Action!” campaign; a private fundraising effort to update and replace the sound system, lighting and stage curtains at Haddonfield Memorial High School.  The trust played a significant role serving as the 501c3 to whom the community could make their donations to support the project.

High School Turf Field (2012-13)

Haddonfield Turf Field Committee Chair Joe DelDuca took the podium in September 2013 and thanked those who had contributed to the installation of the turf field, including those who played a part in the Turf Field Golf and Barbecue at Tavistock Country Club on June 10, sponsored by the Haddonfield Educational Trust. The trust played a significant role in conducting the golf tournament and serving as the 501c3 to whom the community could make their donations to support the project.



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